You can send vRealize Log Insight system notifications to third-party products by using webhooks.

vRealize Log Insight uses webhooks to send alerts over HTTP POST to other applications. vRealize Log Insight sends a webhook in its own proprietary format, but third-party solutions expect incoming webhooks to be in their own proprietary format. To use information sent with vRealize Log Insight webhooks, the third-party application must have either native support for the vRealize Log Insight format or you must create a mapping between vRealize Log Insight formats and the format used by the third-party with a shim. The shim translates, or maps, the vRealize Log Insight format to a different format.

The vRealize Log Insight webhook implementation makes outbound HTTP requests to a remote server. The server may report success or failure, and vRealize Log Insight retries on failure. All HTTP/2xx status code responses are treated as Success, and all other responses (including timeouts or connection refused) as failures to be retried later.

Alerts created with message queries, alerts created with aggregate queries, and system notifications each have their own webhook format.

HTTP basic authentication is supported. Embed credentials in the url using the form {{https://username:password@hostname/path}}