Launch in Context is also available from vRealize Log Insight to vRealize Operations Manager.

If you integrate vRealize Log Insight with vRealize Operations Manager, you can perform a Launch in Context from a vRealize Log Insight event by selecting the gear icon to the left of the event and selecting the option to view in vRealize Operations Manager.

For information about Launch in Context from vRealize Operations Manager to vRealize Log Insight, see vRealize Log Insight Launch in Context.


  1. In vRealize Log Insight, navigate to the Interactive Analytics tab.
  2. Locate an event that contains inventory mapping fields and hover over the event.
  3. Click the gear icon and select Open Analysis in vRealize Operations Manager from the drop-down menu. 

    A new browser tab opens directing you to the vRealize Operations Manager instance integrated with vRealize Log Insight. Once you authenticate, you are directed to the Environment > Analysis section of vRealize Operations Manager with the object selected.

    Note: When multiple vRealize Log Insight instances are connected to the same vRealize Operations Manager instance, only the last vRealize Log Insight instance integrated with vRealize Operations Manager has the Launch in Context feature. This also means that the Launch in Context feature is overridden whenever a vRealize Log Insight instance is integrated with a vRealize Operations Manager instance that was previously integrated with a different vRealize Log Insight instance.