You can add a DNS search path and domain to improve the vRealize Operations Manager inventory matching.

Adding a DNS search path and domain improves matching when a virtual machine label and search domain resolve to the IP address of the host that sends log messages to vRealize Log Insight. For example, if you have a virtual machine named linux_01 in vRealize Operations Manager and the host name resolves to, then adding a search domain allows vRealize Log Insight to recognize and match that resource.


  1. Perform a guest shutdown of the vRealize Log Insight virtual appliance.
  2. Once the virtual machine is powered down, select Edit Settings.
  3. Select the Options tab.
  4. From vApp Options > Advanced, click Properties.
  5. Find the vami.searchpath.VMware_vCenter_Log_Insight and vami.domain.VMware_vCenter_Log_Insight keys.
    If the keys do not exist, create them.
  6. Set the DNS search path and domain. For example, ny01.acme.local.
  7. Power on the virtual appliance.

What to do next

After vRealize Log Insight boots, you can validate the DNS configuration by logging in and viewing the contents of the /etc/resolv.conf file. Near the bottom of the file you should see the search and domain options.