To integrate vRealize Log Insight with vRealize Operations Manager, you must specify credentials for vRealize Log Insight to authenticate against vRealize Operations Manager. To manipulate objects in vRealize Operations Manager, a user account must have the required permissions.

If you assign permissions to a user for Launch in Context, the user can also configure alert integration. Use the information in the alert integration table to assign permissions for alert integration only.

Table 1. Alert Integration
Action Permissions and Objects to Select

Create a custom role with the listed permissions.

  1. Administration -> Resource Kind Management [Check All]

  2. Administration -> Resource Management [Check All]

  3. Administration -> Rest APIs

    1. All other, Read, Write APIs

    2. Read access to APIs

Assign the preceding role to the local or Active Directory user (new or existing) and select objects/object hierarchies to assign.

  1. Adapter Instance -> vRealizeOpsMgrAPI [Check All]

  2. vSphere Hosts and Clusters [Check All]

  3. vSphere Networking [Check All]

  4. vSphere Storage [Check All]

Table 2. Launch in Context Integration

You must have administrator privileges to use Launch in Context Integration. If both Alert and Launch in Context are enabled, a user with administrator privileges is required.

Action Permissions and Objects to Select
Assign the Administrator role to a user account. From the Objects tab on the Assign Groups and Permissions page:
  1. For Select Role, choose Administrator.
  2. Select Assign this role to the user.
  3. Select Allow Access to All Objects in the System.