Content packs contain dashboards, extracted fields, saved queries, and alerts that are related to a specific product or set of logs.

To view the content packs that are loaded on your system, select Content Packs from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the vRealize Log Insight user interface.

To view the contents of a content pack, click the content pack in the list on the left.

Content Packs

The Content Packs category contains imported sets of dashboards, extracted fields, queries, and alerts. The General and VMware - vSphere content packs are imported by default.


Content pack dashboards are read-only. You cannot delete or rename them. However, you can clone content pack dashboards to your custom dashboard. You can clone whole dashboards or individual widgets.

Custom Content

The Custom Content category contains dashboards, extracted fields, and queries created in the current instance of vRealize Log Insight. The My Content section contains the custom content of the user that is currently logged in. The Shared Content section contains content that is shared among all users of vRealize Log Insight.

Only Admin users can share content with other users. Only Admin users can manage shared content.


You cannot uninstall content from the Custom Content section. If you want to remove saved information from the Custom Content section, you have to delete individual elements, such as dashboards, queries, alerts, and fields.