The functionality that you can access depends on the user account that you use to log in to the vRealize Log Insight Web user interface.

The Dashboards Tab

The Dashboards tab contains custom dashboards and content pack dashboards. On the Dashboards tab, you can view graphs of log events in your environment, or create your custom sets of widgets to access the information that matters most to you.

The Interactive Analytics Tab

On the Interactive Analytics tab, you can search and filter log events, and create queries to extract events based on timestamp, text, source, and fields in log events. vRealize Log Insight presents charts of the query results. You can save these charts to look them up later on the Dashboards tab.

Content Packs

Content packs contain dashboards, extracted fields, saved queries, and alerts that are related to a specific product or set of logs. You access the content packs from the drop-down menu at the upper right of the vRealize Log Insight Web user interface.

Content packs can be imported or created by vRealize Log Insight users. See Working with Content Packs.

The Administration User Interface

vRealize Log Insight administrators can manage user accounts, configure storage location and archiving, configure an outgoing SMTP server for email notifications, and change several other parameters. The URL format of the Administration UI is https://log_insight-host/admin/, where log_insight-host is the IP address or host name of the vRealize Log Insight virtual appliance.