vRealize Log Insight archives data in a specific format.

vRealize Log Insight stores archive files on an NFS server and organizes them in hierarchical directories based on archiving time. For example,


where /backup is the NFS location, 2014/08/07/16 is the archiving time, bd234b2d-df98-44ae-991a-e0562f10a49 is the bucket ID, and data.blob is the archived data for the bucket.

The archive data data.blob is a compressed file that uses vRealize Log Insight internal encoding. It contains the original content for all of the messages stored in the bucket, together with the static fields such as timestamp, host name, source, and appname.

You can import archived data to vRealize Log Insight, export archive data to a raw text file, and extract message content from archive data. See Export a Log Insight Archive to a Raw Text File or JSON and Import a vRealize Log Insight Archive into vRealize Log Insight.