You can enable the ability to remove data older than a certain date or time period by configuring the data retention functionality. Data retention is disabled by default.


Verify that you are logged into the vRealize Log Insight web user interface as a user with the Edit Admin permission. The URL format is https://log-insight-host, where log-insight-host is the IP address or host name of the vRealize Log Insight virtual appliance.


  1. From the web user interface, click the configuration drop-down menu icon and select Administration.
  2. Under Configuration, click General.
  3. Check the Data Retention check box and specify the retention period to enable the data retention functionality.
    • The default data retention period is 12 months, where one month is equal to 30 days.
    • The retention period applies only to the storage of nodes, leaving the NFS archive intact.
  4. Click Save.


Once enabled, data retention initiates in one hour and checks data for removal once a day.
Note: If the ingestion rate is slow, there might be a slight difference between the configured retention period and the timestamp of the oldest data in the cluster.