You can install or update the vRealize Log Insight Linux agent DEB (Debian) package from the command line or through the debconf database. After installation, you can verify the installed version.



  1. To install or update the vRealize Log Insight Linux agent, open a console and run the dpkg -i package_name command.
    The package_name consists of the prefix vmware-log-insight-agent- and the version build number of your download version.
    The following command form installs the package with default values.
    dpkg -i vmware-log-insight-agent-VERSION-BUILD_NUMBER_all.deb
  2. (Optional) Verify the installed version by running the following command:
    dpkg -l | grep -i vmware-log-insight-agent


  • Configure the connection protocol from the command line.

    To override the default connection protocol, use the SERVERPROTO variable as shown in the following example:

    sudo SERVERPROTO=syslog dpkg -i vmware-log-insight-agent-<version-and-build-number>_all.deb