You can enable or deactivate auto-update for individual agents by editing the client-side configuration file for that agent.

By default, auto-update is enabled from the client side for an agent.


Agents must be version 4.3 or later.


  1. Open the local liagent.ini file in an editor.
  2. Locate the [update] section.
    It looks similar to the following example.
    ; Do not change this parameter
    ; Enable automatic update of the agent. If enabled:
    ; the agent will silently check for updates from the server and
    ; if available will automatically download and apply the update.
    ; auto_update=yes
  3. To deactivate auto-update, uncomment auto_update=yes and change it to auto_update=no.
    Note: Auto-update for agents is enabled by default. So, the default value for auto_update is "yes", even when commented.
  4. Save and close the liagent.ini file.