Dashboards in vRealize Log Insight are collections of chart, field table, query list, event types, and event trends widgets.

Custom Dashboards

Custom dashboards are created by users of the current instance of vRealize Log Insight. Custom dashboards are organized in two categories, My Dashboards and Shared Dashboards. Shared dashboards are visible to all users of the vRealize Log Insight instance.

My Dashboards are user-specific.

  • Administrators and dashboard users can modify the dashboards in the My Dashboards section, and the dashboards that they created in the Shared Dashboards section.
  • Users with the relevant Dashboards permissions can view or edit dashboards in the My Dashboards or Shared Dashboards section, based on the selected access levels.

Content Pack Dashboards

Content pack dashboards are imported with content packs and are visible to all users of the vRealize Log Insight instance.

Note: Content pack dashboards are read-only. You cannot delete or rename them. However, if you are an administrator, a dashboard user, or a user with view access to the Dashboards > Content Pack Dashboards permission, you can clone content pack dashboards to your custom dashboard. You can clone whole dashboards or individual widgets.

To view the dashboards that are available in your instance of vRealize Log Insight, expand the main menu and click Dashboards. The left pane that appears lists all dashboards you have access to, grouped by Custom Dashboards and Content Pack Dashboards. Click > next to each subgroup to display associated dashboards. You can open one dashboard group at a time by clicking > next to the group name. Click > next to another group name to open a new group and close the previous one. Only one group at a time can be open.

To view the contents of a dashboard, click the dashboard name in the list on the left.