Using the vRealize Log Insight Importer provides information about installing and running the vRealize Log Insight Importer.

The vRealize Log Insight Importer is a command-line utility used to import offline logs of historical data from local machines to the vRealize Log Insight server.

Use the Importer when you want to import logs that were collected in the past. You can import support bundles and archived logs and analyze logs from support bundles gathered from vRealize Log Insight or any VMware product.

vRealize Log Insight Importer includes the following features and capabilities.

  • vRealize Log Insight Importer sends data over the ingestion API.
  • It supports file log collection, including recursive directory collection.
  • The Importer can read data from zip, tar, bzip, bzip2, or gz archive files. 7-Zip is not supported.
  • You can stipulate that data be read recursively from a nested archive, such as a nested ZIP file, or from a directory within an archive.