When you configure vRealize Log Insight, you must stay at or below the supported maximums.

Table 1. vRealize Log Insight Configuration Maximums
Item Maximum
Node Configuration
CPU 16 vCPUs
Memory 32 GB
Storage device (vmdk) 2 TB - 512 bytes
Total addressable storage 4 TB (+ OS drive)

A maximum of 4 TB addressable log storage on Virtual Machine Disks (VMDKs) with a maximum size of 2 TB each. You can have two 2 TB VMDKs or four 1 TB VMDKs, and so on. When you reach the maximum, you must scale outward with a larger cluster size instead of adding more disks to existing VMs.

Syslog connections 750
Cluster Configuration
Nodes 18 (Primary + 17 Workers)
Virtual IP addresses 60
Ingestion per Node
Events per second 15,000 eps
Syslog message length 10 KB (text field)
Ingestion API HTTP POST request 16 KB (text field); 4 MB per HTTP Post request
vRealize Operations 1
vSphere vCenter Server 15 per node
Active Directory domains 1
Email servers 1
DNS servers 2
NTP servers 4
Forwarders 10
Index Partition Configuration
Index partitions 5