Data archiving preserves old logs that might otherwise be removed from an index partition after the retention period. vRealize Log Insight can store archived data to NFS mounts.

  • Data archiving happens during log ingestion, as described in Key Aspects of the Event Life Cycle in Getting Started with vRealize Log Insight.
  • vRealize Log Insight does not manage the NFS mount used for archiving purposes. If system notifications are enabled, vRealize Log Insight sends an email when the NFS mount is about to run out of space or is unavailable.
  • Archived log events are no longer searchable. If you want to search archived logs, you must import them into a vRealize Log Insight instance. For information about importing archived log files, see Import a Log Insight Archive into Log Insight.
  • Do not mount NFS permanently or change the /etc/fstab file. vRealize Log Insight itself performs NFS mounting for you.

For information about enabling archiving in an index partition, see Configure an Index Partition.