The Workload widget displays data a indicating how hard a selected resource is working.

The Workload widget displays a graph depicting how hard the object that you selected is working. The Workload widget reports data on CPU usage, Memory usage, Disk I/O, and Network I/O.

Where You Find the Workload Widget

The widget might be included on any of your custom dashboards. In the left pane, click Home to see your configured dashboards.

The data that appears in the widget depends on how you configured it. To configure the widget, click the pencil on the title bar to configure the settings.

About Datastore Metrics for Virtual SAN

The metric named datastore|oio|workload is not supported on Virtual SAN datastores. This metric depends on datastore|demand_oio, which is supported for Virtual SAN datastores.

The metric named datastore|demand_oio also depends on several other metrics for Virtual SAN datastores, one of which is not supported.

  • The metrics named devices|numberReadAveraged_average and devices|numberWriteAveraged_average are supported.

  • The metric named devices|totalLatency_average is not supported.

As a result, vRealize Operations Manager does not collect the metric named datastore|oio|workload for Virtual SAN datastores.