The VM Usage dashboard can be shared with the owner of the VM to help identify potential problems with the VM. It captures basic data about the VM. As there is no infrastructure-related data that is displayed in this dashboard, you can share the data in this dashboard with other teams without sharing infrastructure-related metrics.

You can use the dashboard widgets in several ways.

  • Use the Search for a VM to Report its Usage widget to select the VM you want to troubleshoot. You can use the filter to narrow your list based on several parameters. After you identify the VM that you want to view, select it. The dashboard is automatically populated with the relevant data.

  • Use the About the VM widget to view the VM you selected and its details. You select the VM in the Search for a VM to Report its Usage widget.

  • Use the VM Utilization Trend: CPU, Memory, IOPS, Network widget to view information about the usage and allocation trends for CPU demand, memory workload, disk commands per second, and the network usage rate.