As a Virtual Infrastructure Administrator, you manage the policies used for vRealize Operations Manager to analyze objects in your environment, collect data from those objects, and display that data in dashboards, views, and reports. Your IT staff added new datastore objects to your environment, and your responsibility is to ensure that the new datastore objects adhere to the policy requirements from the VP of Infrastructure for your test and production environments.

In this scenario, you create a policy to have vRealize Operations Manager monitor the disk space use of your production datastore objects. You create a group type and custom object group for the datastore objects, and apply your policy to your object group. After vRealize Operations Manager collects data from the datastore objects in your environment according to the settings in your policy, you view the collected data and any potential alerts in the dashboards to confirm whether the disk space use is in compliance for your datastore objects.



You created a policy to apply to your new production Datastore objects so that you can have vRealize Operations Manager monitor them to ensure that the disk space levels of these objects adhere to the settings in your policies to support the service level agreements and business priorities that are established for your environment. vRealize Operations Manager uses the settings in your new policy to display the disk use for your Datastore objects in dashboards, views, and reports, and to enforce the service levels during data collections.

What to do next

After you finish this scenario, you must wait for vRealize Operations Manager to collect data from the objects in your environment. Then view the disk use of your Datastore objects.