The Datastore Capacity dashboard provides information that helps you understand whether you must rebalance the capacity of the datastores in the environment.

You can use the dashboard widgets in several ways.

  • Use the Datastore Size and Usage Distribution widget to find out which datastores are overused and which ones are underused. You can also find out whether the datastores are of equal size. When you select a datastore from this widget, the dashboard is automatically populated with the relevant data.

  • Use the VMs in the Selected Datastore widget to view a list of VMs based on the datastore you select. You can also view relevant details such as whether the VMs are powered on and the size of the snapshot if any.

  • Use the Usage Trend of Selected Datastore widget to find out the trends in capacity used by a selected datastore as against the total capacity available.

  • Use the All Shared Datastores in the Environment widget to view a list of datastores that are shared in your environment. The information displayed in this widget helps you make an informed decision about whether you have to rebalance the capacity of the datastores based on usage.