The Cluster Configuration dashboard displays inconsistencies in any of the clusters in your environment.

You can use the dashboard widgets in several ways.

  • Use the Is vMotion Configured Among All Hosts widget to determine whether an inconsistency exists between the vMotion and HA configurations in the cluster . All ESXi hosts in a cluster should have consistent configuration. Consistent configuration of clusters makes operation easier and performance predictable.

  • Use the Host Count across Clusters widget to view all the clusters in your environment. If the clusters have a consistent number of hosts, the boxes displayed are of equal size. This representation helps you determine whether there is a large deviation among cluster sizes, whether there is a small cluster with fewer than four hosts, or whether there is a large cluster. Operationally, keep your clusters consistent and of moderate size.

  • Use the Attributes of ESXi Hosts in the Selected Cluster widget to view the configuration details for the hosts within a cluster.

  • Use the All Clusters Properties widget to view the properties for all the clusters in the widget.