Predictive DRS provides metrics and data you can use to forecast virtual machine workload. It is enabled as part of configuring a vCenter Server adapter instance. Currently Predictive DRS is configurable by users only as true (on) or false (off).

vCenter Server allows only one active data provider of Predictive DRS statistics at any given time. If the vCenter Server shuts down, it loses the configuration information for the data provider. If more than one provider is enabled to provide data to a vCenter Server, when the vCenter Server restarts, the first provider to actually register with vCenter Server becomes the active provider.


  • Predictive DRS is supported in vCenter Server 6.5 and later versions.

  • To work properly, Predictive DRS must be configured and enabled in both vRealize Operations Manager and vCenter Server.

  • vRealize Operations Manager clocks and vCenter Server clocks must be synchronized.

  • To follow the procedure below, you must have the UI open to the screen for adding a vCenter Server adapter instance. See the link in Step 1 below.


  1. Follow the instructions to add a vCenter Server adapter instance in vRealize Operations Manager. At the Instance Settings screen, click Advanced Settings.
  2. In the Provide data to vSphere Predictive DRS drop-down menu, select True.

    The vRealize Operations Manager adapter instance is now designated as a predictive data provider. It is intended to send predictive data to vCenter Server. In the event that you have previously designated another vCenter Server adapter instance as a data provider to a given vCenter Server, a dialog appears stating that this vCenter Server is already receiving Predictive DRS data from another instance of vRealize Operations Manager and asks you to click Yes or No.

  3. Click Yes to stop the first instance of vRealize Operations Managerfrom providing Predictive DRS data and cause the current instance to start providing the data. Or click No to cause the first instance of vRealize Operations Manager to continue to provide the predictive data

    Depending on your choice, you have either a previously existing or a brand new data provider registered with the vCenter Server.


Predictive DRS can now proactively load balance a vCenter Server cluster.