As an administrator you assign a unique user account to each user so that they can use vRealize Operations Manager. While you set up the user account, you assign the privileges that determine what activities the user can perform in the environment, and upon what objects.

In this procedure, you will create a user account, assign the admin_cluster role to the account, and associate the objects that the user can access while assigned this role. You will assign access to objects in the vRealize Operations Cluster. Then, you will test the user account to confirm that the user can access only the specified objects.


Create a new role. See Create a New Role.


  1. In vRealize Operations Manager, select Administration in the left pane and click Access Control.
  2. Click the User Accounts tab.
  3. Click the Add icon to create a new user account, and provide the information for this account.



    User Name

    Type the user name to use to log in to vRealize Operations Manager.


    Type a password for the user.

    Confirm Password

    Type the password again to confirm it.

    First Name

    Type the user's first name. For this scenario, type Tom.

    Last Name

    Type the user's last name. For this scenario, type User.

    Email Address

    (Optional). Type the user's email address.


    (Optional). Type a description for this user.

    Disable this user

    Do not select this check box, because you want the user to be active for this scenario.

    Require password change at next login

    Do not select this check box, because you do not need to change the user's password for this scenario.

  4. Click Next.

    The list of user groups appears.

  5. Select a user group to add the user account as a member of the group.
  6. Click the Objects tab.
  7. Select the admin_cluster role from the drop-down menu.
  8. Select the Assign this role to the user check box.
  9. In the Object Hierarchies list, select the vRealize Operations Cluster check box.
  10. Click Finish.

    You created a new user account for a user who can access all the vRealize Operations Cluster objects. The new user now appears in the list of user accounts.

  11. Log out of vRealize Operations Manager.
  12. Log in to vRealize Operations Manager as Tom User, and verify that this user account can access all the objects in the vRealize Operations Cluster hierarchy, but not other objects in the environment.
  13. Log out of vRealize Operations Manager.


You used a specific role to assign permission to access all objects in the vRealize Operations Cluster to a user account named Tom User.

What to do next

Import a user account from an external LDAP user database that resides on another machine, and assign permissions to the user account.