You are the IT administrator for the financial data center named Fina_RDDC-01 in your company. You create a project to plan for an increase in the workload on the cluster named Fina_RDCL-01 by 50 percent in the next month. In the project, you create scenarios that anticipate the effect of the capacity needs on the hosts, virtual machines, and cluster in the data center.

You use your new project and scenario to determine what happens to the capacity of the objects in your environment when you plan for an increase in demand.



  1. In the vRealize Operations Manager inventory tree, select your data center named Fina_RDDC-01. Then select your cluster named Fina_RDCL-01.
  2. Click the Projects tab.
  3. On the toolbar above the Projects list pane, click Add.
  4. In the Projects workspace, enter a name and description for the project.

    For example, Fina RDCL Q1 Planning.

  5. For the Status, select Planned - no badges affected.
  6. In the workspace, click Scenarios.
  7. Under Add Demand, drag the scenario named add percentage of demand to the Scenarios pane.

    The scenario is numbered 1.1.

  8. In the Configuration pane, configure the demand.
    1. Click the Implementation Date calendar icon, and select the date one month from today.
    2. In the Use Global Value text box, enter 50.
  9. To add the scenario to your project, click Save and click Close.


vRealize Operations Manager saves the scenario in the project.

What to do next

To add virtual machines and hosts to the cluster named Fina_RDCL-01, create another project and scenario. See Create a Sample Project to Add a Host and Virtual Machines.