As a virtual infrastructure administrator, you are responsible for the vCenter Server instances, hosts, virtual machines, distributed port groups, and distributed switches in your environment. To ensure the compliance of your vSphere objects, you create a compliance standard based on an alert definition.

In vRealize Operations Manager, you can configure an alert definition to use as a compliance standard. Any alert definition that you configure with the subtype named Compliance appears on the Compliance tab. For more information on Compliance Tab, see Compliance Tab.

When you create an alert definition as a compliance standard, you add all the relevant symptom definitions to the alert definition. Each symptom is a rule in the compliance standards. For most alert definitions, you must avoid adding too many symptoms to the alert definition.

vRealize Operations Manager includes alerts for VMware vSphere Hardening Guide versions 6.0 and 5.5.

You can find the vSphere Hardening Guides at

In this scenario, the alert notifies you when SSH is not running on the host.