You can assign your local policy to one or more groups of objects to have VMware vRealize Operations Manager analyze those objects according to the settings in your policy, trigger alerts when the defined threshold levels are violated, and display the results in your dashboards, views, and reports.

How the Apply Policy to Groups Workspace Works

When you create a policy, or modify the settings in an existing policy, you apply the policy to one or more object groups. VMware vRealize Operations Manager uses the settings in the policy to analyze and collect data from the associated objects, and displays the data in dashboards, views, and reports.

Where You Apply a Policy to Groups

To apply the policy to object groups, click Administration, click Policies, click the Policy Library tab, and click the plus sign to add a policy or click the pencil to edit a policy. In the Add or Edit Monitoring policy workspace, on the left click Apply Policy to Groups.

Apply Policy to Groups Options

To apply the policy to groups of objects, select the check box for the object group in the workspace.

You can then view the details about each object group associated with the policy. Select Policies > Active Policies > Related Objects > Groups, click an object group in the list of groups, and view the summary in the Details pane.