Adapters and management packs have specific configuration considerations.

Normal Adapters

Normal adapters require one-way communication to the monitored endpoint. Deploy normal adapters into collector groups, which are sized to handle failover.

Following is a sample list of adapters provided by VMware for vRealize Operations Manager. Additional adapters can be found on Solutions Exchange.

  • vSphere adapter

  • Management Pack for NSX for vSphere

  • Management Pack for OpenStack

  • Management Pack for Storage Devices

  • Management Pack for Log Insight

Hybrid Adapters

Hybrid adapters require two-way communication between the adapter and the monitored endpoint.

You must deploy hybrid adapters to a dedicated remote controller. You should configure only one hybrid adapter type for each remote controller. You cannot configure hybrid adapters as part of a collector group. For example, two vRealize Operations for Published Applications adapters can exist on the same node, and two vRealize Operations for Horizon adapters can exist on the same node, but a vRealize Operations for Published Applications adapter and a vRealize Operations for Horizon adapter cannot exist on the same node.

Several hybrid adapters are available for vRealize Operations Manager.

  • vRealize Operations for Horizon adapter

  • vRealize Operations for Published Applications adapter

  • Management Pack for vRealize Hyperic

Endpoint Operations Management Adapter

By default, Endpoint Operations Management adapters are installed on all data nodes. Large analytic nodes can support 2,500 agents and large remote collectors can support 2,000 to 10,000 agents for a single cluster. To reduce ingestion load on the cluster, you can point Endpoint Operations Management adapters at remote collectors. You should assign the dedicated remote collectors to their own collector group, which helps the Endpoint Operations Management adapter maintain the state of Endpoint Operations Management resources if a node in the collector group fails.

To reduce the cost of reconfiguring the system, it is recommended that you install Endpoint Operations Management agents against a DNS entry specific to Endpoint Operations Management agents if you plan to scale the system beyond a single node.

Remote Collectors Behind a Load Balancer for Endpoint Operations Management Agents