A custom profile is a user-defined instance of the capacity allocation and demand for a specific object type. You can use custom profiles to help forecast the capacity needs for your environment.

To determine how many instances of the object can fit in your environment, use custom profiles with projects and scenarios. Depending on the available capacity in your environment, you can add one or more instances of the object that the custom profile capacity requirements represent.

When you create a custom profile for an object type, such as a virtual machine, you create a project and add a virtual machine scenario to it. In the project scenario, you select your custom profile to populate the metrics and capacity for that object type to the project scenario. You use the capacity sizing of your custom profile to forecast the capacity needs for the parent object of the virtual machine.

To determine how many instances of the custom profile object you can include on the parent object, you select the parent object, click Analysis, and click Capacity Remaining. The custom profiles appear on the What Will Fit section of the Capacity Remaining Breakdown area, and indicate how many instances of the object fit in your environment.