vRealize Operations Manager support bundles contain log and configuration files that help troubleshoot a vRealize Operations Manager issue.

How Support Bundles Work

Support bundles require that you select nodes or the entire cluster, and the level of logging that you want to collect. After vRealize Operations Manager creates the support bundle, you download it in ZIP format for analysis.

Where You Find Support Bundles

Log in to the vRealize Operations Manager administration interface at https://master-node-name-or-ip-address/admin. Select Support , and click Support Bundles.

Support Bundle Options

The options include toolbar and data grid options.

Use the toolbar options to add, download, or remove items.

Table 1. Support Bundle Toolbar Options




Open a dialog box that guides you through the process of creating a support bundle.


Remove the selected support bundle.


Download the support bundle in ZIP format.


Refresh the list of support bundles.

Use the data grid options to view item details.

Table 2. Support Bundle Data Grid Options




System-generated identifier for the support bundle

Bundle Type

  • Light. Include 24 hours of logs

  • Full. Include all available logs and configuration files

Date and Time Created

Time when support bundle creation began


Progress of support bundle creation