The name and visualization of the dashboard as it appears on the vRealize Operations Manager Home page.

Where You Configure a Dashboard

To create or edit your dashboard, select Content > Dashboards in the left pane. On the Dashboards toolbar, click the plus sign to add a dashboard or the pencil to edit the selected dashboard. In the workspace, on the left, click Dashboard Configuration.

Table 1. Dashboard Configuration Options in the Dashboard Workspace




Name of the dashboard as it appears on top of the tab on the Home page and in the dashboard's lists.

If you use a forward slash while entering a name, the forward slash acts as a group divider and creates a folder with the specified name in the dashboards list if the name does not exist. For example, if you name a dashboard clusters/hosts, the dashboard is named hosts under the group clusters.


Description of the dashboard.

Is default

If you select Yes, the dashboard appears on the Home page when you log in.