You are an IT administrator for one of your financial data centers. You must forecast the capacity requirements for your virtual infrastructure to plan for an increase in the workload of your cluster and data center over the next month. To evaluate the demand and supply for capacity on your objects, and forecast the risk to your current capacity, you create projects and scenarios in vRealize Operations Manager.

Your data center is named Fina_RDDC-01, and includes a cluster named Fina_RDCL-01. You plan to increase the overall workload on the cluster in this data center by 50 percent in the next month. You must also plan to add virtual machines and add one or more hosts to this cluster.

In this example, you create a project that includes scenarios to determine the impact of future capacity needs on your cluster objects. You then create a second project to plan for more capacity needs. Finally, you examine these projects together in the context of your current capacity so that you can understand the projected impact of these projects on your future capacity needs.


Verify that vRealize Operations Manager has collected data for the last several weeks. See Connecting vRealize Operations Manager to Data Sources.