The VM Configuration dashboard highlights the list of VMs with anomalous configuration. You can view VMs which have large snapshots that can be deleted. You can also view a list of orphaned VMs in the environment that can be deleted.

You can use the dashboard widgets in several ways.

  • Use the Large VMs widgets to view graphical representations of VMs that have a large CPU, RAM, and disk space.

  • View the VMs with limits, large snapshots, orphaned VMs, VMs with more than one NIC, and VMs with a nonstandard operating system. These VMs have a performance impact on the rest of the VMs in your environment even though they do not fully use their allocated resources.

You can customize the views in the widgets.

  1. Click the Edit Widget icon from title bar of the widget. The Edit widget dialog box is displayed.

  2. From the Views section, click the Edit View icon. The Edit View dialog box is displayed.

  3. Click the Presentation option in the left pane and make the required modifications.