The Projects tab is a list of all the projects generated for the selected object, group, or application. You can create projects, access existing projects, and view the capacity trend of historical data on the project visualization chart.

How the Projects Tab Works

On the Projects tab, you create projects and add scenarios to those projects so that you can forecast the capacity of your objects. The objects can include vCenter Server instances, clusters, hosts, datastores, and virtual machines. In the visualization area, when you add or remove projects, vRealize Operations Manager displays the cumulative effect of those projects on the object selected in the inventory tree.

Where You Find the Projects Tab

To create and modify projects, in the left pane click the Environment icon, click an object in the navigation tree, and click the Projects tab.

Table 1. Projects Tab



Projects visualization area and toolbar

Use the Project View drop-down menu to select the way vRealize Operations Manager displays the projects. In the visualization chart, the project views assign names to the projects and scenarios, such as 1.1, 1.2, and 2.1.

  • Combine projects in this visualization. Combines projects in one graph.

  • Compare projects in this visualization. Shows each project in a separate smaller graph.

Use the Capacity Container drop-down menu to select a container for this project. The container options change depending on the object you select. For example, for a cluster, you can forecast capacity according to most constrained, memory or CPU demand, a vSphere configuration limit, disk space allocation, or disk space demand.

The visualization chart, which displays stress-free demand and usable capacity, includes other metrics in addition to the metrics that you modify. As a result, the magnitude of the change in capacity might not scale proportionally to your input.

Use the visualization area toolbar options to zoom and pan the view in various ways, show data values, refresh the chart, and display the range of data.

Projects list toolbar

Use the projects pane toolbar selection to manage your projects. You can add a project, edit the configuration of an existing project, and remove a project from the list.

To change the status of a selected project, click the gear.

  • Change status to Planned. Sets the created project to the planned state, and runs the what-if analysis to visualize the forecasted effects on the capacity of your object.

  • Change status to Committed. Commits or reserves the project in the selected capacity container. All views, reports, and dashboards reflect the project capacity as though you deployed the project.

To filter the projects list, click the Status drop-down menu.

You can filter the list of projects, and sort the columns in the data grid.

Projects list

The object that you select in the inventory tree determines the projects that populate in the projects list. All projects that appear are associated directly with the selected object or with its children.

To add a project to the visualization area, drag the project row to the area above the Projects list, or click the plus icon in the project row.