When the secure state of a system is recovered, you can reinstate a revoked agent. This ensures that the agent continues to report on the same resources without losing historical data. To do this you must create a new Endpoint Operations Management token file by using the same token recorded before you removed the agent resource. See the section called Removing The Agent Resource.


  • Ensure that you have the recorded Endpoint Operations Management token string.

  • Use the resource token recorded prior to removing the agent resource from the vRealize Operations Manager server.

  • Ensure that you have the Manage Agent privilege.


  1. Create the agent token file with the user that runs the agent.

    For example, run the command to create a token file containing the 123-456-789 token.

    • On Linux:

      echo 123-456-789 > /etc/epops/epops-token

    • On Windows:

      echo 123-456-789 > %PROGRAMDATA%\VMware\Ep Ops Agent\epops-token

    In the example, the token file is written to the default token location for that platform

  2. Install a new agent and register it with the vRealize Operations Manager server. Ensure that the agent loads the token you inserted in the token file.

    You must have the Manage Agent privilege to perform this action.