You can export a super metric from one vRealize Operations Manager instance and import it to another vRealize Operations Manager instance. For example, after developing a super metric in a test environment, you can export it from the test environment and import it use in a production environment.

If the super metric to import contains a reference to an object that does not exist in the target instance, the import fails. vRealize Operations Manager returns a brief error message and writes detailed information to the log file.


  1. Export a super metric.
    1. Select Content > Super Metrics.
    2. Select the super metric to export and click the Export Selected Super Metric actions icon.

      vRealize Operations Manager creates a super metric file, for example, SuperMetric.json.

    3. Download the super metric file to your computer.
  2. Import a super metric.
    1. Select Content > Super Metrics and click the Import Super Metric actions icon.
    2. (Optional). If the target instance has a super metric with the same name as the super metric you are importing, you can either overwrite the existing super metric or skip the import, which is the default.