When you select an object in your inventory and choose the map view, vRealize Operations Manager displays icons for all the objects related to your selection in a hierarchy. Use the map to see how the objects are related and to get details on any of the objects displayed.

Where You Find the Environment Objects Map

In the left pane, select Environment, and select a group, application, or inventory object. Click the Environment tab and click the Map tab.

Click any object icon to display the related object types and quantities of each. Depending on your environment, the map display can be very large. Use the map options to control the display of the hierarchy.

Table 1. Environment Objects Map Options



Zoom to fit

Resets the map display to fit in the available space.


Click and drag the display to show different parts of the map.

Show values on point

Point the mouse to an object icon in the map to display the object name or IP address, and the object type. To display the child object icons for an object in the map, in the pop-up menu that appears, click Details. To display the related object types and the number of related objects for an object in the map, click the object icon in the map.

Zoom the view

Click and drag to outline the part of the map you want to enlarge.

Zoom in

Zooms in on the map.

Zoom out

Zooms out on the map.

Reset to initial object

If you changed the display to zoom, pan, or select another object, click this option to return to the original display of the initial object.

Object detail

If selected, the display of related object types and quantities for each is limited to the object types that are below the selected object n the hierarchy.