The vRealize Automation solution brings in cloud constructs and their relationships from vRealize Automation into vRealize Operations Manager for operational analysis.

You can use the following items in the virtual infrastructure as object types in vRealize Operations Manager.

  • Tenant

  • Reservation

  • Business Group

  • Deployment (appears only when monitoring vRealize Automation 7.0 and later environments)

  • Blueprint

  • Managed Resources

Objects types in an enterprise environment are related to other objects types in that environment. Object types are either part of a larger object type, or they contain smaller component objects, or both. When you select a parent object type, vRealize Operations Manager shows any related child objects types.

  • The tenant object type has a parent-child relationship with business group and reservation object types. The business group and reservation object types interact with each other.

  • The tenant, reservation, deployment, and business group object types have a parent-child relationship with the virtual machines and VMware vCenter adapter objects such as clusters.

The fabric group, network profile, reservation policy, and storage reservation policy object types do not collect data.