As a virtual infrastructure administrator or other IT professional, you use Workload Balance functions to identify points of resource contention. In this scenario, you manually run a rebalance action to relieve CPU demand.

When you log into vRealize Operations Manager Home, you see the Recommended Actions page. In the Select Object Type pane, the Data Center column appears highlighted. Under the Worst Health heading, CMBU_ESO_VC09_DC appears, showing an associated alert. In the Suggested Fix table, the alert reads “Data Center may require rebalance to” and the suggested fix is “Rebalance the container to spread the workload more evenly.”


Ensure that you have all required permissions to access the Workload Balance UI and manage vCenter Server objects.


  1. Click Workload Balance in the left pane.

    Alternatively, you can hover the mouse over Rebalance the container to spread the workload more evenly. Select Review the workload balance for the container.

  2. The Workload Balance page appears with the troubled Data Center preselected. If no data center is preselected, in the Select a Data Center to Review Workload pane, select a data center or custom data center from the list.

    The panes and widgets to the right refresh to display data about the selected data center, CMBU_ESO_VC09_DC . Review the data points and trends shown.

  3. Based on the available data, you determine a rebalance action is required.
    Table 1. Panes and Widgets



    Is Workload Balanced?

    A graphic of a carpenter’s level appears in yellow, with the telltale air bubble off center, indicating an out-of-balance situation. (The air bubble is static, and does not convey varied out-of-balance states.)

    What is the vMotion Trend?

    No vMotions have happened in the last 24 hours.

    DRS Settings and Current Workload

    Shows where the imbalance arises: CPU workload on Cluster _01 is running at 107 percent of capacity. For a complete description of the widget, see the DRS Cluster Settings Widget.

    Capacity Utilization of Datacenter Resources

    In its Cluster Compute Resource graph, confirms that Cluster_01 CPU resources are running at 107 percent. For a complete description of the widget, see the Capacity Utilization Widget.

    What is the Workload Trend?

    Overall CPU usage for the data center has ticked upward slightly to 46 percent, with memory usage steady at 21 percent.

  4. Click REBALANCE in the Is Workload Balanced? pane.

    The system creates a rebalancing plan, which depicts BEFORE and (projected) AFTER workload statistics for the rebalance action.

  5. If you are satisfied with the projected results of the rebalance action, click NEXT. The dialog box updates to show the planned moves:
  6. Review the rebalance moves, then click BEGIN ACTION.

    The system runs the compute and storage resource moves.


The rebalancing action moved compute and storage resources from an overloaded cluster to other clusters in the data center, thus reducing demand on any single cluster.


The Workload Balance page refreshes every five minutes. Depending on when you run a rebalancing action, the system might not reflect the result for up to five minutes, or longer when longer-running actions extend the processing time.

What to do next

To confirm that your rebalance action was finished, go to the Recent Tasks page by selecting Administration on the menu, and clicking History > Recent Task in the left pane. In the Recent Tasks page, use the Status function on the menu bar to locate your action by its status. You can also search using a range of filters. For example, first filter on Starting Time and scroll to the time when you began the action, then select the Object Name filter and enter the name of one of the VMs in the rebalance plan.