The Summary tab provides an overview of the state of the selected object, group, or application. Use this tab to evaluate the impact that alerts are having on the object and use the information to begin troubleshooting problems.

How the Summary Tab Works

Based on the object selected, the following summary tabs are displayed:

Where to Find the Summary Tab

  • In the menu, click Environment, then select a group, custom data center, application, or inventory object.

  • In the menu, select Alerts to display the All Alerts screen. Click an alert to bring up the alert details on the right, then click View Additional Metrics to see more information about the alert and the object that triggered the alert. Click the Summary tab.

Understanding the Summary Tab

Table 1. Summary Tab Options



Recommended Actions

This widget displays the health status for the selected object and its descendants. It also displays recommendations to solve problems in an instance.

The badges provide a visual indicator of the alert status for the following alert types.

  • Health alerts that usually require immediate attention.

  • Risk alerts indicating that you should look into any problems in the near future

  • Efficiency alerts indicating that you can reclaim resources.

Click the badge to see the alerts for the object.

About Me

This widget displays the summary of metrics and properties of the selected object for review.

Capacity Remaining

This widget displays a score indicating the remaining computing resources as a percent of the total consumer capacity for the most constrained resource.