The vRealize Operations Manager collects the metrics you use to monitor the performance of your vSAN capacity disk.

Metrics for vSAN capacity disk include:




  • Performance|Bus Resets

  • Performance|Commands Aborted Per Second

  • Performance|Device Latency (ms)

  • Performance|Device Read Latency (ms)

  • Performance|Device Write Latency (ms)

  • Performance|Read Requests Per Second

  • Performance|Average Reads Per Second

  • Performance|Write Requests Per Second

  • Performance|Average Writes Per Second

  • Performance|Read Rate

  • Performance|Write Rate

  • Performance|Usage

  • Performance|HDD Errors

SCSI SMART Statistics

  • SCSI SMART Statistics|Health Status

  • SCSI SMART Statistics|Media Wearout Indicator

  • SCSI SMART Statistics|Write Error Count

  • SCSI SMART Statistics|Read Error Count

  • SCSI SMART Statistics|Power on Hours

  • SCSI SMART Statistics|Reallocated Sector Count

  • SCSI SMART Statistics|Raw Read Error Rate

  • SCSI SMART Statistics|Drive Temperature

  • SCSI SMART Statistics|Maximum Observed Drive Temperature

  • SCSI SMART Statistics|Drive Rated Max Temperature

  • SCSI SMART Statistics|Write Sectors TOT Count

  • SCSI SMART Statistics|Read Sectors TOT Count

  • SCSI SMART Statistics|Initial Bad Block Count


  • vSAN|Health|Total Disk Capacity (GB)

  • vSAN|Health|Used Disk Capacity (GB)

Congestion Health

vSAN|Health|Congestion Value


  • vSAN|Performance|Physical Layer Reads Per Second

  • vSAN|Performance|Physical Layer Writes Per Second

  • vSAN|Performance|Physical Layer Read Throughput (KBps)

  • vSAN|Performance|Physical Layer Write Throughput (KBps)

  • vSAN|Performance|Physical Layer Read Latency (ms)

  • vSAN|Performance|Physical Layer Write Latency (ms)

  • vSAN|Performance|Physical Layer Read Count

  • vSAN|Performance|Physical Layer Write Count

  • vSAN|Performance|Device Average Latency (ms)

  • vSAN|Performance|Guest Average Latency (ms)

  • vSAN|Performance|vSAN Layer Reads Per Second

  • vSAN|Performance|vSAN Layer Writes Per Second

  • vSAN|Performance|vSAN Layer Read Latency (ms)

  • vSAN|Performance|vSAN Layer Write Latency (ms)

  • vSAN|Performance|vSAN Layer Read Count

  • vSAN|Performance|vSAN Layer Write Count

Properties for vSAN capacity disk include:

  • Name

  • Size

  • Vendor

  • Type

  • Queue Depth