The vRealize Operations Manager collects the metrics you use to monitor the performance of your vSAN cluster.

Metrics for vSAN cluster include:



Component Limit

  • vSAN|Component Limit|Component Limit Used (%)

  • vSAN|Component Limit|Total Component Limit

  • vSAN|Component Limit|Used Component Limit

Disk Space

  • vSAN|Disk Space|Disk Space Used (%)

  • vSAN|Disk Space|Total Disk Space (GB)

  • vSAN|Disk Space|Used Disk Space (GB)

Read Cache

  • vSAN|Read Cache|Read Cache Reserved (%)

  • vSAN|Read Cache|Reserved Read Cache Size (GB)

  • vSAN|Read Cache|Total Read Cache Size (GB)


  • vSAN|Read Cache|Reads Per Second (IOPS)

  • vSAN|Read Cache|Read Throughput (KBps)

  • vSAN|Read Cache|Average Read Latency (ms)

  • vSAN|Read Cache|Writes Per Second (IOPS)

  • vSAN|Read Cache|Write Throughput (KBps)

  • vSAN|Read Cache|Average Write Latency (ms)

  • vSAN|Read Cache|Congestion

  • vSAN|Read Cache|Outstanding I/O

  • vSAN|Read Cache|Total IOPS

  • vSAN|Read Cache|Total Latency (ms)

  • vSAN|Read Cache|Total Throughput (KBps)

Deduplication And Compression Overview

  • vSAN|Deduplication And Compression Overview|Used Before

  • vSAN|Deduplication And Compression Overview|Used After

  • vSAN|Deduplication And Compression Overview|Savings

  • vSAN|Deduplication And Compression Overview|Ratio


  • Summary|Number of Cache Disks

  • Summary|Total Number of Capacity Disks

  • Summary|CPU Workload

  • Summary|Memory Workload

  • Summary|Total Number of Disk Groups

  • Summary|Total Active Alerts Count

  • Summary|Total Number of VMs

  • Summary|Total Number of Hosts

  • Summary|vSAN Cluster Capacity Remaining (%)

  • Summary|VSAN Cluster Storage Time Remaining

  • Summary|vSAN Capacity Disk Used