The schedule of a report is the time and recurrence of a report generation.

Where Do You Schedule a Report

To schedule a report generation, in the menu, click Environment, and then in the left pane navigate to an object and click the Reports tab. Select a template to schedule, and click the gear icon All actions > Schedule report.

How Do You Schedule a Report

Table 1. Schedule Report Options




Schedule a report to run automatically at regular intervals.


Email a generated report to a predefined email group or to an FTP server. For more information about how to set up and configure the email options, see Outbound Settings.

Save a generated report to an external location. For more information about how to configure an external location, see Add a Network Share Plug-In for vRealize Operations Manager Reports

You can add a relative path to upload the report to a predefined subfolder of the Network Share Root folder. For example, to upload the report to the share host C:/documents/uploadedReports/SubFolder1, in the Relative Path text box, enter SubFolder1. To upload the report to the Network Share Root folder, leave the Relative Path text box empty.


Only users created in vRealize Operations Manager can add and edit report schedules.