The Capacity Reclaimable dashboard provides you with a quick view of resource reclamation opportunities within your virtual infrastructure.

This dashboard is focused on improving the efficiency of your environment by reducing the wastage of resources. This wastage is usually caused by idle or powered off virtual machines. Another biggest contributor to this wastage is oversized virtual machines.

This dashboard allows you to select an environment and quickly view the amount of capacity that can be reclaimed from the environment in the form of reclaimable CPU, memory, and disk space.

The dashboard lists all the virtual machines running on old snapshots and all the virtual machines that are powered off. You can reclaim storage by deleting the old snapshots on them or by deleting unwanted virtual machines. You can take these actions from the view by using the actions framework available withinvRealize Operations Manager.

The dashboard provides you with best practices about reclaiming CPU and Memory from large virtual machines in your environment. Since large and oversized virtual machines can increase contention between VMs, you can use the phased approach of using aggressive or conservative reclamation techniques to fix the size of your virtual machine.