When you select an object in your inventory and choose the list view, vRealize Operations Manager lists all the objects related to your selection. From that list, you can select an object on which to perform an action or to link to another application for information about the object.

Where You Find the Environment Objects List

  • In the menu, click Environment, then select a group, custom data center, application or inventory object. Click the Environment tab, then select the List button.

  • Alternatively, click Environment, then use the hierarchies in the left pane to quickly drill down to the object you want.

Each related object is listed with badges that display the status of current key conditions for the object. See Analyzing the Resources in Your Environment.

Point to a badge and click to display a sparkline chart of the condition over time for the object. The chart is qualitative. If a chart shows an inconsistent condition, you might want to investigate events that have occurred for that object. See Events Tab.

Table 1. Environment Objects List Options




Perform an action on the selected object. Available actions depend on the object type. For example, Power on VM applies to the selected virtual machine. See List of vRealize Operations Manager Actions

Open in external application

If an adapter includes the ability to link to another application for information about the object, click the button to access a link to the application. For example, Open Virtual Machine in a vSphere Client or Search for VM logs in vRealize Log Insight.