Workload Balance enables you to rebalance virtual machines and storage across datastore clusters to reduce resource contention and maintain optimum system performance.

Where You Find Workload Balance

From the Home screen, select Workload Balance in the left pane.

Table 1. Workload Balance Options



Select a Datacenter pane

Select a datacenter or custom datacenter from the list and all data to the right refreshes with information for the selected object.

You can add a new customer datacenter from here and edit it.

Is Workload Balanced?

Graphic of carpenter's level shows a basic assessment:

  • Green with bubble centered = balanced workload

  • Yellow with bubble off-center = unbalanced workload

Three major Workload Balance functions accessed here:

  • REBALANCE - dialogs to executing rebalance actions

  • SCHEDULE - dialog enabling scheduling one or more rebalance actions

  • SETTINGS - shortcut to Policy area's Workload Automation Details configuration

What is the Workload Trend?

Shows current and historical CPU and memory usage for the selected datacenter, with a graph to depict the trend

DRS Settings and Current Workload

Data derived from the DRS Cluster Settings Widget shows CPU, memory workload, DRS setting for each cluster; Recommendations for the migration level of virtual machines. Migration thresholds are based on DRS priority levels, and are computed based on the workload imbalance metric for the cluster.

Provides the option to set DRS automation level for individual objects.

Capacity Utilization of Datacenter Resources

Data derived from the Capacity Utilization Widget. When you point to an object, vRealize Operations Manager displays a popup summary that displays the object name, the capacity used by the object, and the reason that the capacity resource is constrained. To display the analysis details about the capacity on the object so that you can further troubleshoot the problem, click Details. By default the objects are constrained by the most constrained metric.

See also User Scenario: Run Workload Rebalance