You can connect widgets so that the information they show depends on each other.

Where You Create Widget Interactions

To create a widget interaction for widgets in a dashboard, in the menu, click Dashboards. Click Actions > Create Dashboard to add a dashboard or Actions > Edit Dashboard to edit the selected dashboard. In the workspace, on the left, click Widget Interactions. If you create a new dashboard, complete the required previous steps of the workspace.

How to Create Widget Interactions

The list of available widget interactions depends on the widgets in the dashboard. Widgets can provide, receive, and do both. Some widgets can have more than one provider.

To create interactions, click the Selected Object(s) drop-down menu for the specified widget and select the provider widget. There are widgets that provide alerts, metrics, or tags. Click the Selected Alert(s), Selected Metric(s), or Selected Tag(s) drop-down menu to select the alert, metric, or tag specific provider widget. When you are ready with all interactions, click Apply Interactions. For more information about how interactions work, see Widget Interactions.