You can use dashboard navigation to move from one dashboard to another, and to apply sections or context from one dashboard to another. You can connect a widget to widgets on other dashboards to investigate problems or better analyze the provided information.

Where You Add Dashboard Navigation

To create a dashboard navigation to a dashboard, in the menu, click Dashboards. Click Actions > Create Dashboard to add a dashboard or Actions > Edit Dashboard to edit the selected dashboard. In the workspace, on the left, click Dashboard Navigation. If you create a dashboard, complete the required previous steps of the workspace.

How Dashboard Navigation Works

You can create dashboard navigation only for provider widgets. The provider widget sends information to the destination widget. When you create dashboard navigation, the destination widgets are filtered based on the information type they can receive.

How to Add a Dashboard Navigation to a Dashboard

The list of available dashboard navigation depends on the available dashboards and the widgets in the current dashboard. To add navigation, click the Destination Dashboards drop-down menu for the specified widget and select the dashboard and the widget to navigate to. You can select more than one applicable widget. Click Apply Navigations to apply the connections.


If a dashboard is unavailable at the Home page, it is unavailable for dashboard navigation.

The Dashboard Navigation icon (Dashboard to dashboard navigation icon ) appears in the top menu of each widget when a dashboard navigation is available. You can select multiple objects to apply selections or context from one dashboard to another. Press Ctrl+click to select multiple individual objects or Shift+click to select a range of objects.