The Summary tab provides you with an overview of the state of the selected object, group, or application. You can change the Summary tab with a dashboard to get information specific to your needs.

Where You Configure a Summary Tab Dashboard

To manage the summary dashboards, in the menu, click Dashboards. Select Actions > Manage Dashboards. Click the gear icon and select Manage Summary Dashboards.

How You Manage the Summary Tab Dashboard

Table 1. Manage Summary Dashboards Options



Adapter Type

Adapter type for which you configure a summary dashboard.


Use a word search to limit the number of adapter types that appear in the list.


List with all available objects.

Use Default icon

Click to use vRealize Operations Manager default Summary tab.

Detail Page

Shows what kind of Summary tab you use for the selected object.

Assign a Dashboard icon

Click to view the Dashboard List dialog box that lists all the available dashboards.

To change the Summary tab for an object, select the object in the left panel, click the Assign a Dashboard icon. Select a dashboard for it from the Dashboard List dialog box and click OK. From the Manage Summary Dashboards dialog box click Save. You see the dashboard you have associated to the object type when you navigate to the Summary tab of the object details page.