You return from lunch to find an alert notification in your inbox. You can use vRealize Operations Manager to investigate and resolve the alert.

As a network operations engineer, you are responsible for several hosts and their datastores and virtual machines. You receive emails when an alert is generated for your monitored objects. In addition to alerting you to problems in your environment, alerts can provide viable recommendations to resolve those problems. As you investigate this alert, you are evaluating the data to determine if one or more of the recommendations can resolve the problem.

This scenario assumes that you configured the outbound alerts to send standard email using SMTP. It also assumes that you configured notifications to send you alert notifications using the Standard Email Plug-In. When outbound alerts and notifications are configured, vRealize Operations Manager sends messages when an alert is generated so that you can respond quickly.


  • Verify that outbound alerts are configured for standard email alerts. See vRealize Operations Manager Configuration Guide.