In this example, an administrator starts the UI, chooses the Assess Capacity function on the Quick Start page, and identifies a data center with only five days of CPU time remaining. The administrator then runs the action for reclaiming resources.

The administrator is reviewing system resources at the start of the shift.


The administrator must have credentials for operating vRealize Operations Manager and managing vCenter Server objects.


  1. Clicks Home > Assess Capacity in the Optimize Capacity column.

    The Capacity Overview screen appears. In reviewing the status of data centers across the network, the administrator sees that data center DC-Denver-19 has 5 days of time remaining.

  2. The administrator clicks the DC-Denver-19 graphic.

    The data in the lower half of the screen refreshes to display time remaining information and reclaim recommendations for selected data center DC-Denver-19. (NOTE: Double-clicking the DC-Denver-19 graphic displays the Object Details page for that data center.)

  3. At the graph, selects Most Constrained from the Sort By: choices and CPU from CPU|Memory|Disk Space above the graph.

    The graph refreshes to show the usage value almost touching 100% and the timeline/projection value nearly intersecting the usage value. The data center is almost out of CPU.

  4. The administrator scrolls down the page to the Recommendations below the graph.

    Option 1 lists total resources (CPU, memory, disk space) that can be reclaimed. Option 2 lists the hardware to purchase to increase time remaining to 150 days.


    The Reclaim screen appears, displaying data for DC-Denver-19. The How much can you save? pane shows that $31,414/month can potentially be saved. Looking to the top of the table, the administrator sees that the $31,414 sum appears next to Oversized VMs.

  6. Clicks Oversized VMs, then clicks the chevron next to a cluster name on the left of the table.

    All the VMs in the cluster are listed.

  7. Selects the check box next to VM Name in the table heading.

    All listed VMs are selected, and the dimmed links above the table turn live.

  8. Clicks RESIZE VM(s)

    The Resize VMs page appears, showing the 20 VMs available for resizing

  9. The administrator leaves the recommendation as is, without editing the target reductions, then selects the "I understand that workloads may be interrupted..." check box and clicks RESIZE VM(s).

    The system runs the resize.


The data center does not run out of CPU, and instead realizes projected cost savings of $31,000+ .

What to do next

Under Optimize Capacity in the left menu, click Overview to display the Capacity Overview screen. Confirm that DC-Denver-19 has a green checkmark indicating significant time remaining.