The vRealize Operations Manager vApp Deployment and Configuration Guide provides information about deploying the VMware® vRealize Operations Manager virtual appliance, including how to create and configure the vRealize Operations Manager cluster.

The vRealize Operations Manager installation process consists of deploying the vRealize Operations Manager virtual appliance once for each cluster node, and accessing the product to finish setting up the application.

Intended Audience

This information is intended for anyone who wants to install and configure vRealize Operations Manager by using a virtual appliance deployment. The information is written for experienced virtual machine administrators who are familiar with enterprise management applications and data center operations.

For administrators who want to deploy the vRealize Operations Manager virtual appliance programmatically, the VMware vRealize Operations Manager CaSA API documentation is available in HTML format and is installed with your vRealize Operations Manager instance. For example, if the URL of your instance is, the API reference is available from

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