The Assess Cost dashboard gives you cost and reclaimable resources for your data centers and clusters.

The Assess Cost dashboard belongs to the Optimize group of dashboards. This dashboard is ideal for executives, finance, or others who are accountable for overall IT spend. It is also helpful for identifying and planning cost optimization initiatives.

Any cost information shown in this dashboard is using the currency settings you select during vRealize Operations Manager configuration.

The dashboard provides an overview of the cost and inventory for your environment, including total cost of ownership and a total of the potential cost savings based on vRealize Operations capacity engine recommendations.

Individual data centers are listed showing population details, cost information, and reclaimable resources.

At the bottom of the dashboard, you can find the top 10 lists for the most expensive and least expensive clusters in your environment. These lists include the total monthly cost and count of hosts, datastores, and virtual machines. These lists can be helpful in identification of under-utilized clusters by noting the number of virtual machines hosted relative to the monthly cluster cost.